Some famous Sheffield faces

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I HAD to admit to a wry smile on reading Rachael Clegg’s piece about Sheffield’s famous faces. Apart from Roy Hattersley who, not being in politics now, should really be a has-been face, the other ‘faces’ are completely anonymous to me.

Might I suggest some real famous faces who have served the city over the years. They are: Frank White, Richard Hawley, Phil Oakey, Dave Berry, Steve Delaney etc. Musicians all, representing the modern face of Sheffield.

Steve Davis, West View Lane, Totley Rise

Never-ending price increases

We have had never-ending price increases for gas and electricity in the last few weeks.

British Telecom released their never-ending price increases from December 3, which are the fourth price increases in two years. Line rental is increased from £13.90 to £14.60.

Payment processing fee is also to be increased from £5.40. It was £4.50, quite a large increase when it is added to the customers bill.

British Telecom made a profit of £1.7billion. How much profit do they want?

Allan Crossland, Broxholme Lane, Doncaster

Disappointed at Company show

I READ M Tonks’s letter with interest. Along with my husband and four friends, we went to a recent Saturday performance of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company. What a huge disappointment!

I read that Sheffield Theatres artistic director Daniel Evans, who took the lead, had always wanted to stage this musical. Perhaps he should be a little less self-indulgent, and stick to shows more favoured by the paying audience. Despite plenty of positive press reviews, the auditorium was half-empty. Very different from last year’s sell-out production of Me and My Girl.

Although the acting and singing were good, the complicated storyline left us all confused and the ‘abstract’ musical score was certainly not to our taste. We look forward with hope, to a more traditional show next December.

Pam Burgoyne, Linley Lane, S12