Solution to the bridge problem

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I HAVE not been on a train for years and don’t use the bridge as a walkway between town and Park Hill, so I am impartial on the outcome of the present dispute at the station.

Surely, though, one of the most cost-effective ways to deal with the problem would be to partition the walkway, installing ticket barriers on the side with lift access to platforms and block access to the platforms on the ‘walk-through’ side. The stairs from the platform on that side could be exit-only. The main entrance steps up to the walkway are already partly divided in two.

If the rail companies are complaining about fare dodgers it could be that another solution is to follow the example of Supertram and use more than one conductor at busy times. The additional fares collected would cover wages.

And has the problem of access to the platform through the Sheffield Tap been solved?

Ian Robinson, Lennox Rd, S6