‘Soft justice’ frees serial offenders

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I AM fed up to the teeth of reading about soft justice.

It is very disturbing and worrying to read that dangerous serial criminals are being let loose after only serving half their jail sentence. Most come out and offend again and again.

It’s time this government woke up and realised that the sentences are not harsh enough that are imposed on them.

They should make the sentence fit the crime and make them serve the full sentence, not half and take away their home comforts they receive.

I am sick of hearing this government’s promises about being tough on crime and doing nothing whatsoever about it. I won’t be voting again for any of the parties, they are all full of empty promises.

DB, Westminster Cres, S10

The Star reported that Mr Bingley from Wybourn had his car stolen then was charged £150 release fee and £30 a day storage to get it back.

It wasn’t his fault. My car was stolen and was found just down the road with the window smashed. When I phoned the police it was in a compound like Mr Bingley’s, resulting in the same cost. If the car is insured and taxed, whatever happened it is still legal and should not be taken off the road. The police should notify the owner when it has been located and give them 24 hours to remove the vehicle otherwise it will be impounded.

My grandma was burgled and it took them two days to come and see her. They never found them. Pity she hadn’t got a car stolen. They would have found that in no time then charged her £150.

R Cheatham, Oughtibridge

Those two masked raiders who meticulously planned a ruthless attack at a travel agency, who had been locked up for 18 years, yet they had previous convictions of 122 crimes and got away with a lot of money. How can a judge let them off?

Months or weeks sentence, no wonder people commit crime. It’s like a holiday.

Jack Tompkins, Scampton Lodge, S5