So much for ‘Love your city’

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On March 8 The Star carried a headline, “Love your city”, reporting that the council was urging people to wage war on litter in the area where they lived.

Coincidentally, three days earlier I had noticed the appalling state of the area where I live.

I had walked from Hartley Brook Road shopping centre at Shiregreen along the road and passed the local school.

The whole area was littered with glass bottles, plastic bottles and containers, paper, plastic boxes, planks of wood, wrappers, paper and dog dirt.

I also noted that the lower part of Gregg House Road, which runs down one side of the school and joins Hartley Brook Road, was similarly affected.

I wasn’t sure who I needed to contact to get the area cleaned up, so I checked the council website for my local councillor.

It turned out to be Peter Price, so I immediately emailed him, described the state of the area and asked him to inform the relevant cleansing department that the area was a mess.

That was on March 5.

Two weeks, or 11 working days, have now passed, and I have not received a reply from Peter, not even an acknowledgement of my email. If nothing else, this would have been the polite thing to do. I don’t know if he received it, or if he has acted on it.

I do know that the area has not been cleaned up, so goodness knows how bad things need to get before action is taken.

I do not blame the council for the initial mess, that is borne out of a generation who care nothing about the conditions they live in and are also bringing up their children the same way.

Dropping litter on the ground while standing beside a litter bin is the norm, as is dropping litter around the school.

Once nice gardens are now full of rubbish and this is nothing to do with bin collections because it’s been going on for the past few years, and the streets are paved with excrement and rubbish.

I do blame the council for not making some effort to keep the level of rubbish down.

When you advise your councillor of the situation and don’t get a reply, that just about sums up the apathy that afflicts this city.

So much for “Love your city”!

SC, Shiregreeen