So many issues waiting to be tackled by Sheffield council

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Health and safety, pollution, environment, there are so many issues to be looked at in Sheffield.

Pollution is everywhere from cars, for example, the problem of cars parking around the Northern General Hospital.

The staff at the Hospital have to get to work, what would we do without hospital care? Nursing staff were told to cycle to work or catch a bus.

How can this be done when nurses have to take their children to carers or school, the family dog to grandparents, and go shopping? Time is a big factor when bringing up a family there are so many things to do before starting work. Without a car it would be impossible and very stressful.

We need to get as many cars off the roads around Northern General as possible as they are polluting homes nearby. Staff going to work at the Hallamshire, have nowhere to park so they park on Norwood and catch the bus.

Bins are another bug issue for people with families, streets are never swept, drains never cleaned. Leaves from overgrown trees and stones block drains and cause flooding.

Potholes in roads and bad pavements mostly caused by tree roots are extremely dangerous. Grass is cut twice a year but the cuttings are never swept away and blow into the roads or gardens. It could be collected to feed animals.

We ask for a cleaner, safer place to live.

Roads swept, drains cleaned, grass collected, bins emptied on a weekly basis, trees pruned and removed when causing damage. The pot holes on roads are marked with yellow paint I suppose AMEY eventually will come along and fill in part of the hole. On Norwood we call this the three “P” method, they put it on, pat it down, then P off.

Norma Hallat

Norwood Estate