So deserving of a final treat

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HER’S is a moving story, characterised by both hope and tragedy.

Shereena Sadique, aged 13, has cared for her mum Sharon Andrews for months, accompanying her to hospital and carrying out chores as she battled with cancer.

Sadly it seems Sharon has only weeks to live after the cancer spread to her liver and bones.

But mother and daughter are determined to enjoy her final Christmas.

And Shereena has now been presented with £150 worth of shopping vouchers to help.

She can buy herself a host of goodies and enjoy a meal, thanks to Sheffield charity Help A Child Have A Chance.

This is the first in our annual 12 Days of Christmas campaign, offering young people across the region the chance of receiving a share of £10,000.

Shereena is a deserving recipient and we hope she enjoys her goodies.

We should all take heart from her fortitude and determination.

It is this kind of grit and determination which characterises the people of our region.

And that this should shine through in the festive period is no surprise.

We must expect to do own recycling

SOMEHOW, you knew it was too good to last.

We are refering to the Christmas tree recycling scheme run by Sheffield Council, which had been free.

You told the council you wanted your tree collecting, they told you when they were in the area and hey presto, it was gone.

But not surprisingly, in 2012, the year of austerity, a charge introduced.

So it will now cost £18 to have your tree collected for recycling, if you use the council service.

The authority says collections cost £30,000 a year and it has ‘no choice’ - as the funding represents the wages of a teaching assistant, nurse or care worker.

Some fear the charge will lead to an increase in fly-tipping, but this seems more like scaremongering than a realistic prospect.

People can still take their real trees to household waste recycling centres for free, or to one of six other sites being set up for recycling.

And this is certainly not an issue for political point scoring.

There is no choice between funding a care worker or a tree recycling scheme. What else is the council to do?

It’s time to clear the boot of the car, load up the tree and recycle it yourself.

Let’s face it, we did it for years, we can do it again.