Snow wardens are important

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Mick Gethin (Oct 27) completely misses the point of snow wardens. Last year and the year before the snow came and caught us out yet again.

Wardens get a ton of salt to help neighbours to help themselves. When it runs out the warden calls for a delivery. The training is because this country is Health and Safety mad and therefore people have to be trained.

This is a lot cheaper than grit bins, as someone has to check when empty and a lot are vandalised during the other months of the year.

Unfortunately, there are tight budgets in all areas of the council, but this is a way to get people to do something for their neighbourhood.

Whatever this man thinks, in my area we did have a snow warden and we worked together as a community to clear our roads and paths, allowing our local school to re-open within a day. It had a real community spirit about it.

Too many expect the council to wet-nurse them. It is time they did more to help themselves and their neighbours.

I hope this excellent scheme, which only cost £50 to train and supply snow wardens.

Mrs Smith, S20