Sneaky health moves

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This Con Dem government is attempting to sneak through more NHS privatisation by the back door during the run-up to Christmas.

Controversial changes being pushed through by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley will pave the way for NHS hospitals to earn up to half of their income from private work.

The current cap on income generated from private patients is typically limited to just a 2 per cent but is set to rise to 49 per cent in a move quietly slipped out by the government last week.

The Conservatives, backed by their lap dogs the Lib Dems, appear to want to substantially reduce the role of the state.

The plans shows that the Government is determined to bring in US-style health care provision.

Coun Terry Fox, Manor Castle Ward

Where’s Rolf’s mural?

I RECENTLY watched Antiques Roadshow, where a young woman had brought along a Rolf Harris painting of Bonnie Tyler that was valued at £50,000.

This got me thinking of the very large painting or mural that used to be inside the old Sheaf Valley swimming baths.

I wondered what happened to it.

Is it inside some Sheffield Council warehouse gathering dust?

If so it could be auctioned off and the money could go to a valuable cause within Sheffield. Or it could be put on display in the Millennium Gallery.

Dizzy Blonde

What hypocrisy

It amazes me how people who preach the Bible think they can Tippex the bits they don’t like and overturn what they don’t want to hear. How hypocritical can you get.?

Rachel Morrisy, Birdwell