Slideshow: Sheffield businesses urged to help train guide dogs

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Businesses and organisations in Sheffield are being urged to help change the lives of blind and partially sighted people.

A litter of puppies have been picked up by their volunteer walkers and are embarking on the first stage of their training to become a guide dog.

They will be introduced to all aspects of everyday life to ensure they are socially well behaved and friendly during this first year before they move on to specialised training.

However, more businesses and companies are needed to help the charity cover the £5,000 cost of this early training – and charity Guide Dogs is urging them to sign up to its Name a Puppy Scheme.

Jo Berry, community fundraiser, said: “Our future life-changing puppy litters are all named after a letter of the alphabet, unless that puppy is sponsored by an individual or organisation.

“They get to name their own puppy and will receive regular updates and get to meet with their special little pup.

“The first year of a guide dog puppy’s life is critical to their development and costs £5,000.

“We are encouraging businesses and organisations to name a puppy and help us create more life changing guide dog partnerships in Sheffield.”

The charity says the cost of a guide dog from when it is born to when it passes away costs more than £50,000 – and Guide Dogs receives no Government funding.

Guide Dogs is also appealing for people to sign up to become puppy walkers.

Guide dog puppies start their early training when they are aged about six weeks, staying with the puppy walker and their family until they are about 12 to 14 months old.

n To get involved in the Name a Puppy Scheme or become a puppy walker, call Jo Berry on 0845 3727424 or email




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