Sleeves too short and top’s too tight, but daughter’s all set to go

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NEXT week my eldest is going to be starting her first ever day at junior school. You live with someone day in day out but despite this you never seem to realise the days are slipping by. And now suddenly my daughter is old enough to be going to junior school and I still can’t quite believe it.

It only seems minutes ago that she arrived into the world screaming her head off after being rudely dragged from her slumbers inside me. And she has never shut up ever since, it seems.

Last year I forgot to order her new year’s uniform until the last couple of weeks before the summer term ended, meaning the clothes weren’t ready until after she went back to school, much to her annoyance. So this year I decided I was going to be more organised. I made sure I carefully ordered all the bits and pieces that she would need for this coming term.

And on the last day of term I was handed a bundle of new clothes which included a new school cardigan, complete with a badge of her new school logo; two tops and a school bag.

Like a new kid myself I couldn’t wait to try them on my daughter. But as school was now out and she was “on her summer holidays”, as she told me in no uncertain terms, there was “no way” she was trying on school uniform.

So it was put in the back of her wardrobe and I only managed to finally try it on her earlier this week. And somehow since me carefully measuring her and ordering the correct size of uniform she needed, she seems to have grown.

The sleeves on the cardigan are too short on her arms and her tops are slightly too tight. Luckily I had left buying her school skirts till this week, as no doubt her legs have grown too.

She suddenly seems to have shot up – again without me realising, it seems. I have assured her that the cardigan and tops will be fine at least until Christmas, when hopefully I will have some more cash to be able to buy her a new outfit. But this time I think I will get it in a slightly larger size to make sure it fits her all the way through the school year!

Seeing her getting ready for school reminded me of when I first went to secondary school.

Unlike kids nowadays, in my day it wasn’t commonplace for primary school children to wear school uniform.

So going up to secondary school was really exciting for me as it meant I could actually get to wear a uniform for the first time in my life. This excitement was short-lived however, when I rocked up to the school in my new shiny school blazer and extra long school skirt which mum had convinced me “had growing room”, only to discover that everyone else was in short mini skirts, as was the fashion.

Absolutely no-one was wearing a blazer – apparently it was on the “not necessary to buy” list, which neither mum nor I had read properly. Wearing a blazer was deemed “not cool”, apparently.

However, apparently it cost a lot of money and I was told in no uncertain terms that “you will wear it”. So I spent my first year at school leaving the house in my blazer only to shove it hastily in the cloakroom the moment I arrived at school every day just in case anyone saw me in it, such was my embarrassment.

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