Sleepless nights

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During a conversation, I mentioned not sleeping well lately, “Mindst you” I said, “ever since I was a young lad, if I woke in the night, I found it almost impossible to get back to sleep, until it came light”.

Then, at that exact moment, for the first time in my life I realised why.

It was something my mother used to say to us, when I was a young child.

It has inspired me to write this short poem.

When I wor a kid, born in the war

we were teffified o’ night

Not o’ scarey stuff like ghosts or dark

but when those planes came here to fight

Huddled in the air-raid shelter

too scared to move around

while outside bangs and crashes

a terrifying sound

Planes drone far into the distance

leavingdevastation caused by bombs and flak

we get the all clear from the sirens

mam says, it’s nearly light

go to sleep we’re safe now

they’ll not be coming back

So many lost from far and near

but at last the fightings done

though our scars would stay and never heal

the war was over! But... had anybody won?

Raymond Wiseman

Bowden Wood Crescent, Sheffield, S9