Sleep-walking to loss of school

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The people of Sheffield are sleep-walking into the loss of their best schools to unaccountable companies and trusts.

It is privatisation by stealth. We are talking about Academy Schools. Their transfer is sweetened by short-term extra cash from a government which claims it’s short of money.

The next school whose head teacher wants to go down this road is King Ecgbert at Dore, attended by my children.

We parents will be insisting on full consultation and a vote of all parents and staff to decide on such a big change to a school which serves our city so well.

I urge all parents who care about the future of our school to come to the meeting tomorrow.

Tony Tigwel, Cross Park Rd

Ex-pats earned fuel allowance

Do people calling for ex-pat’s winter fuel allowance to be cut not realise that you have to be 60 before you receive this allowance?

In most cases these OAPs will have probably worked from leaving school at 15. Whether you choose to live in this country or abroad these ex-pats deserve their fuel allowance, and that goes for their bus pass too.

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Ex pats who get winter fuel allowance have paid into the system all their lives. It costs as much or possibly more to use air conditioning. Also heating is needed at night as it does turn cold on the continent. I hope to be an ex pat in Spain. I’ve paid into the system for more than 40 years - never claiming a penny. I think I am entitled to it when I reach pensionable age.

D Marshall, Stannington