Skirmishes led to fatal stabbing of teenage dad

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A SCHOOLBOY who stabbed a teenager through the heart with a kitchen knife had been involved in earlier altercations with his victim the same day, a court heard.

A friend of 18-year-old Joseph Smith, who died after being stabbed by the 15-year-old, said the two youths had been pushing each other with their foreheads ‘like stags’ before the fatal stabbing on March 23 this year.

The witness said the two were outside in Moorends, Doncaster, when Mr Smith slammed his pushbike to the ground and stepped towards the 15-year-old - now 16 - with a clenched fist. Later that afternoon, the two bumped into each other again at shops.

The witness told the court Mr Smith had said, ‘If he starts getting clever I’m going to whack him’, before asking the younger boy over to a grassed area, without cameras or witnesses, for a fight.

With their heads together like stags, Mr Smith was pushing the boy and calling him names, before the schoolboy refused the fight and ran off.

A DVD of a police interview with a young girl witness was also played to Sheffield Crown Court.

The girl, aged 15, said she was with friends - including victim ‘Joey’ Smith - when they saw the defendant, who cannot be named.

Mr Smith approached the youngster near the junction of Locarno Road and Barnsley Road and the pair started arguing. Mr Smith pushed the younger boy and punched his cheek, she said.

The younger boy started to walk away and shouted at Joseph Smith to leave him alone, before punching him, shouting, ‘Get away from me!’ and fleeing.

Mr Smith shouted, ‘He’s stabbed me, phone an ambulance’, before falling, hitting his head and coughing up blood.

He died before his baby daughter was born.

The 15-year-old admits manslaughter but denies murder. The trial continues.