Six in the running for Sheffield Council Richmond ward

Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
Voters go to the polls to elect new members to Sheffield Council on Thursday, May 22.
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Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 22, to choose new members for Sheffield Council, including a new representative in Richmond ward.

Six candidates are vying to join existing ward members. Coun John Campbell and Coun Lynn Rooney. Coun Martin Lawton is not seeking re-election

The candidates are:

ANGELA HILL, of Totley Brook Road, Totley – Liberal Democrat

She said: “I’m backing the Liberal Democrat plan to save Sheffield’s libraries. Libraries are an important resource for the whole city and local people have been clear closing 16 libraries is not the right decision. Liberal Democrats have shown that by cutting back on Labour’s pet projects, funding can be restored for the city’s library service. Library users need to send the Town Hall a strong message to get their hands off our libraries.”

SAM MORECROFT, of Lancing Road, Highfield – Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

The 26-year-old PhD student and part-time tutor said: “Like everybody else, I’m sick to death of the establishment parties. While the Tory/Lib Dem coalition government assault on the living standards of working-class people is sending us back to the Dark Ages, Labour is unable to provide any opposition. The Tories, Lib Dems, Labour and UKIP are fully signed up to the politics of Thatcherism and to forcing ordinary people to pay for an economic crisis we didn’t create. Just look at Sheffield’s Labour-controlled council – they cry crocodile tears over Tory cuts, then set about doing their dirty work, closing libraries and children’s centres and shutting down public services. If Labour won’t fight the cuts, TUSC will. We’ll take on the government and fight to defend jobs and services in Sheffield by mobilising the mass opposition that exists into forcing more funding from central government. We desperately need an alternative for working class people, and building that alternative starts with TUSC.”

RICHARD ROPER, of Leadbeater Road, Gleadless – Green Party

The married dad-of-two and part-time voluntary worker, offering legal advice, said: “Richmond ward suffers from high crime levels that will get worse under the damaging coalition policies of austerity. High levels of unemployment and poverty when council and police budgets are being cut have to be a concern for all local residents. It’s a key priority area. Small shops and post offices that people can walk to are important for this and all communities. Greens support District Shopping Centres which are increasingly threatened by big “drive to” supermarkets. They need more support and protection.”

JEAN SIMPSON, of Worcester Road, Fulwood – UKIP

The housewife, mother and grandparent has been married for more than 50 years. Her varied career has included 12 years running her own furnishings and wallcovering business, working as an accountant to a firm in Egypt, teaching in an English-speaking school in the United Aram Emirates and working in ladies’ fashion both in the UK and New Zealand. Her stable personal life allied to her breadth of work and travel experiences make her the ideal council candidate. She aims to bring a ‘much-needed breath of fresh air’ to rid Sheffield of what she describes as the ’two-party tit-for-tat political scene which has lost touch with the electorate’.

ANDREW SNEDDON, of Scarsdale Road, Woodseats – Conservative Party

Awaiting information

PAUL WOOD, of Handsworth Road, Handsworth – Labour

Prior to his decision to stand for council he was chairman of the Labour Party in Sheffield, and also sits on the party’s Regional Board with special responsibility for Local Government issues, a role that has given him the opportunity to see many innovative ideas used in other councils having to deal with constantly reducing budgets. Career wise he still has an active role with Peller Artistes, Sheffield’s largest management and entertainment business which has looked after a host of named celebrities as well as providing artistes to many of Europe and the UK’s leading venues.

The 57-year-old said: “As part of the Labour team, I am committed to finding solutions to the challenges facing us, ensuring our area is a place vulnerable residents are protected, our young people have the opportunities they deserve in both education and employment and our Green Spaces and Parks are among the best maintained in the city.”