Sister punched stab accused

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THE sister of a teenage mum stabbed to death and thrown into a canal - allegedly by her former lover - threw punches at the man days before the killing, a court heard.

Sarah Wilson ‘swung at’ 18-year-old Ashtiaq Asghar when her younger sister Laura met his mother to tell her about their relationship, jurors at Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Asghar’s mother became ‘upset, angry and abusive’ before hurling one of her slippers at the sisters.

Laura, of Birch Park Court, Holmes, Rotherham, was knifed and pushed into the Tinsley to Keighley Canal near Meadowhall in October last year.

The prosecution say Asghar, of Holmes Lane, Holmes, and Laura’s daughter’s father Ishaq Hussain, aged 22, of Ferham Road, Holmes, plotted to kill Laura after she exposed her relationships with them.

Ashgar is accused of stabbing her, and Hussain of allegedly providing a decoy so she went to the canal alone.

Imran Iqbal, whose friend Shazad Hussain went out with Sarah, told the court he accompanied the sisters to Asghar’s home late on October 6.

He said they spoke to someone through an upstairs window before he saw Asghar, nicknamed Ash, and Hussain walking down Ferham Road.

“Sarah ran towards Ash and threw a couple of punches,” he said.

“There was shouting and arguments going on. Ash’s mum came up and she pushed him to go home, then pulled off her slipper and threw it at Sarah or Laura,” he said.

Nawaz Hussain, defending Asghar, said: “Things were said to Laura about her love for Ash. His mother was very upset, very angry and abusive at your group, but she was angry at her son as well.”

But when Mr Hussain suggested the slipper-throwing was ‘a funny scene’, Imran replied: “I wasn’t laughing and nobody else was.”

Imran said Laura later visited Hussain’s family shop to tell his relatives he’d fathered her daughter.

He said they told her they had “nothing to do with the baby”.

Imran said he urged the sisters to leave as things were “getting out of control”.

“They weren’t interested - that’s what was upsetting Laura,” said Simon Csoka, defending Hussain.

The trial continues.