Sister of murder victim says she will never forgive killer

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The sister of a woman who was brutally murdered by her husband has said today she will never forgive him.

Narjis Farhoud was speaking out after Thahi Manaa, aged 37, was found guilty of murdering Sara Al Shourefi, aged 28, by a jury at Sheffield Crown Court.

Mrs Farhoud, who is married to Manaa’s brother, said: “Sara was my sister and my best friend and she has been cruelly taken from me by Thahi’s selfish and violent actions.

“I just want to know why he did it, if he no longer wanted to be with my beautiful sister, why did he just not leave, instead of brutally attacking and killing her?

“I am still in deep shock about what has happened to Sara.

“She was such a lovely natured person, gentle and kind, she did everything Thahi asked of her but he treated he so badly, thinking of the suffering she must have gone through at his hands, it breaks my heart.”

The court heard prior to the murder Manaa subjected his wife to regular beatings and pulled out clumps of her hair because of his unfounded belief she was having an affair.

The couple had four children, two boys and two girls, aged eight, six, four and two.

Mrs Farhoud said: “I feel angry and very sad that Thahi has deprived me of my sister and four little children of their mother.

“Sara lived for her children, they are what kept her strong and able to suffer the violence Thahi inflicted on her.

“They are now without their mother, confused and upset, which makes me incredibly sad and I worry for them - they will be lost without her.

“Our parents are also suffering terribly, they believed Sara had come to the UK for a better life, they are distraught by what Thahi has done to her.

She added: “I miss Sara terribly, I would do anything to have her back. She will not see her children grow up and achieve their dreams, he has taqken her life before she ha chance to appreciate them and I will never be able to forgive him for what he has done.”