Singer or a comedian?

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I thought I’d heard it all, a million reasons for seeking asylum in our green and once pleasant land, but no, a certain Iranian seeker has to take the biscuit.

This lady is about to commit “hari-kari”because she’s not allowed to sing in Iran. If she goes home and sings again she says she will be shot. Is she really that bad?

But then if she stays here she may get crucified by any number of critics.

She may well have a better chance of success as a comedian with comments like,“I didn’t come for a house or money, I came here for freedom”. Iwonder where she’s living?

The Home Office don’t believe her, the doctor’s report was laughed at and the Queen probably won’t listen.

Give us a break luv, what about a one-way ticket on a cruise ship?

JW Vintin

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