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President Barak Hussein Obama ordered the killing of US-born Anwar al-Awlakian because he was a known Al-Qaeda cleric who incited hatred towards Christianity, the West and America, recruited accomplices to assist in bombing campaigns and thus was deemed a serious threat to the citizens of the USA.

Peter Flynn, Hillsborough

Time to look after our own

Jack Burton showed the reality of today’s Britain: our Government will take care of anybody who arrives on our shores with a sob story. That’s why they camp out in Calais, destination UK. Work all your life and be British and you won’t get a penny when you need it.

Why, with all the cutbacks, is there never a mention of cutbacks for immigrants?

It’s time to look after our own who have contributed to the system and stop this free everything culture.

Janey Adams, Hallam

Britain is increasingly becoming a horrible place to live, unless of course you were born elsewhere then decided to relocate from abroad and start claiming for everything under the sun without paying a penny into the ‘pot’!

You try getting into Australia without first getting a job to go to. That’s why the jobless numbers are higher.

Barry, Sheffield

Block paving

In these times of cuts backs and austerity measures, I was absolutely gobsmacked as I sat in traffic, to watch the pavements being replaced on Harborough Avenue, not with the normal type of paving surfaces, but being block paved.

Surely this is a labour-intensive method that will take weeks to complete. Although it will look nice, it will be a maintenance nightmare.

No doubt comments about budgets and development of the area will be bandied about, but surely this could have been done a lot more cost-effectively, especially when the road surfaces in general throughout the city are abysmal.

Tim Barker, Longstone Crescent, Frecheville