Sick of seeing smug Clegg

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I’m getting heartily sick of opening the Star and seeing Nick Clegg’s smug mug grinning as he latches onto some positive news, hoping to glean credit from it.

Can he pose with a banner showing the £220 million cuts inflicted on Sheffield by him and his Tory chums, while many in the Tory south are hardly affected, or maybe one showing the latest MPs’ pay rise, compared with nurses and midwives striking to get a 1 per cent agreed rise (refused by Con/Dems) or the massive increase in food banks under them. Then there’s the chaos at many GP surgeries.

A good publicity shot would be with someone forced to leave their home of many years because of the hated bedroom tax.

Don’t mention students, Nick. At the rate Pinocchio Clegg’s nose should be growing, you will need two pages to get his hooter on.

Lastly, I have had cause to use our wonderful NHS service in Sheffield over 12 months (orthopaedic, urology, and oncology) magnificent treatment and staff at all levels.

When you vote remember who introduced the NHS and who is most likely to look after it.

Peter Wragg