Sick mind to steal from ill

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WHEN you go into hospital you expect a decent level of care, for your health to be looked after and your possessions, too.

Unfortunately, hospitals do not seem to be any different from other premises which are open to the public.

In the past 12 months more than £3,330 of health trust property has been stolen and more than £2,500 of patients’ belongings.

Sheffield Hospitals managers say security has improved considerably after the findings were uncovered by this newspaper as part of our Your Right to Know Campaign.

It would be too simplistic to level criticism at the hospital for failing to take care of patients’ belongings. Our anger is directed at the thieves.

The fact the hospitals have installed swipe cards and 600 CCTV cameras to monitor areas is a sad indictement of what they are up against.

It is a sick mind that thinks of stealing from the vulnderable.

Think again and avoid a bun fight

IN these days of relentless regulations, compensation claims and legal minefields, it’s oh so tempting to simply play it safe.

Was that in the minds of staff at Sheffield’s Gleadless Primary when faced with new council advice on serving up food in schools?

Outsiders providing grub to youngsters must be checked up on, it says - to make sure they have the correct food and hygiene qualifications.

But common sense surely went missing when letters then went out to parents warning that the regulations also covered homemade cakes and buns baked for the annual Christmas fair.

No wonder mums and dads reacted with amazement to the edict. Council officers insist the school’s reaction was over the top and will be pressing for staff to think again.

We hope their advice is accepted and swiftly.

Fighting for you

TODAY we are pleased to bring back our Action Desk - in a new monthly two-page column.

The press has taken a battering in the last few months which in our view is unwarranted - particulalry the local media.

In Action Desk, we can extol the virtues of a press that is free from interference. It regularly rights wrongs and wins back money or compensation for our readers. We are delighted to take up the fight on behalf of our readers – and on many occasions to right the wrongs.