Show the world how green Sheffield is

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Are we missing the (perfect) opportunity to showcase our city in all it’s green and luscious glory?

The route for the Tour de France takes in some scenic parts of our city, but then seems to do a U-turn and takes it through some of the most deprived, unkempt, down-trodden and completely filthy parts of the town.

Coming from an inner city apart of Sheffield, I know how it’s going to look to the worldwide television audience, it’s going to look pathetic.

To boast to everyone that we’re the greenest city in the country, that we’ve got more open green spaces and trees then anybody else, fine, but where are they?

How about showing the these open green spaces, these parks and all these trees. Try showing the world that Sheffield is green, open and luscious? Instead, Sheffield will be shown as down-trodden and full of pot-holes (good luck avoiding those)

Roland Nilsson