Show respect to customers

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The local parcels office at Manor Top is a disgrace and the service there is abysmal. There is room for maybe five people inside. Everyone else has to stand outside, braving the elements.

And the number of customers sent away empty-handed is unbelievable.

Last week I called in to pick up a parcel that couldn’t be delivered as there was no one at home to receive it.

I waited three days before going to claim the parcel only to be told it had not yet arrived back. When I pointed out that the card indicated the parcel was ‘waiting’ at this office the man re-checked and returned with my parcel.

There is a large sign stating Royal Mail employees deserve respect. True. But where is the respect for customers? I now try to avoid any dealings that use Royal Mail parcels delivery!


Has Royal Mail gone off its pillar box? They say they cannot divulge the sites of post boxes to people who want to post letters because it would prejudice its commercial interests. For those who don’t know, they’re red and on street corners.

EB Warris, S14