Show panders to the greedy

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Remember the days when telly quiz show contestants sold their souls for a free Teasmade, an electric blanket and a cuddly toy?

Oh, the innocence of the Generation Game. The raptures of gratitude on the faces of the dads and daughters, sons and mums as they gazed, round-eyed, at the mountain of conveyor belt tat they got to stagger home with.

Those were the days. It really was all about the taking part, not the winning. (And of being famous for an hour on a Saturday night; nothing’s changed there).

But now they’re not going to want to get out of bed for less than a king’s ransom, these quiz show bods.

Red or Black, the new ITV show hosted by Ant and Dec (or have I got that the wrong way around?) paid out a million on Saturday night to a man it turns out has a criminal record for violence. Nice.

Quiz shows are no longer about fun and a bit of innocent, Christmas party-style humiliation.

Everyone wants to be a millionaire the easy way and these shows are pandering to the greedy and the lazy. I blame Chris Tarrant.