Shouting Tories are in disarray

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I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your front page last Friday. No wonder that Tories can’t run the country with the too- fast-and-too-deep cuts. They can’t even run their own local party! What a performance, shouting at the Mayor prior to the Cabinet meeting, in a way that definitely was not constructive.

Meanwhile, Labour was working quietly in the background coming up with a deal for libraries that at least allowed a proper study and consultation with the people of Doncaster and a reprieve for a year.

The Labour Group worked for months with chief executive Rob Vincent and the Mayor to ensure a safe and balanced budget that impacted least on the most vulnerable of Doncaster’s people.

Yet again Labour was supporting the people and the Tories were in disarray chasing power.

The Star is to be praised, keep up the good work, it’s about time hypocrisy was exposed.

Richard Cooper-Holmes, Dunscroft Grove, Rossington, Doncaster