Shouting at the wrong people

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I am writing in reply to JC’s letter in the Star today: ‘Just Man Up’, published June 22.

If JC’s brother and brother-in-law work for Amey, I think that will lead to a rather one-sided view.

I am genuinely sorry if Sheffield people have shouted at Amey workers; many have not.

I have hooted though, at a speeding Amey van on Rustlings Road last week, which nearly collided with me.

However, all of this is merely incidental.

The point is that neither Amey workers nor the public would be at logger-heads if Sheffield City Council had thought more carefully about what they were asking Amey to do with regard to the urban trees in Sheffield.

If only the council had contracted Amey not to fell trees but to utilise more sensitive engineering solutions (a phrase recently borrowed from the Rustlings Road campaigners by the council, so that the council and Amey can now sound more flexible and open to recent public outcry).

So, next time JC’s relatives are shouted at, perhaps they could ask their bosses about that, rather than blaming the people of Sheffield who have yet to have their voices heard.

And JC, just like the people who are shouting at Amey workers, is shouting at the wrong people.