Shouted down as a racist

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OUT of all the problems facing Britain I believe unemployment to be the biggest. The devil makes use of idle hands, how true, especially for the young.

Don’t take any notice of the claptrap put about by the last Government that only immigrants will take low paid work.

My mate, with 20 years of experience, is having to compete with up to 80 applicants (most of them born here) for jobs which pay less than £7 an hour. Yet with dole queues due to reach four million this government is still allowing tens of thousands of immigrants in every year, at a time when the likes of Australia with jobs to spare limit immigration to a few thousand a year.

But mention the madness of our immigration policies and you’re shouted down as cranks and racist.

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More danger in crossing a road

LS of Sheffield wrote to this page to say that the smoking ban has nothing to do with over 30 pubs and clubs closing.

However, as a member of a working man’s club I know this is nonsense.

Why should smokers stand in the street like lepers, when they can buy cheap booze and smoke at home in comfort?

And what gives LS the right to preach about the working man’s right to have a pint and a smoke in a club that they have paid to be a member of?

Our MPs smoke in the House of Commons and in a club at the back of the Commons!

France has completely ignored this ban and so have many Spanish bars.

As for the comments on passive smoking, there’s more danger crossing the road!

M Chinn, Fitzroy Road, S2