Should we carry on with the complaining or just give up?

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I live in a very small cul-de-sac, at the end of which is a ginnel leading to the road above and some weeks ago it became our turn for the street lighting to be replaced. There are only three lights for the road and four up the ginnel and the Amey workforce started by digging holes in preparation.

A couple of weeks later, they returned and collected the rubble and soil. A further few weeks later, a lorry came with the new lights which were duly erected and the old removed.

A light at the lower end of the ginnel was replaced with a new one at the very foot of the ginnel.

This week Amey returned and began to excavate a channel in preparation for connection and a water main was fractured.

At 5.30pm I rang Severn Trent and was told that the leak was reported at 3 pm, five hours after the incident.

An employee from Severn Trent arrived, looked at the cascade, returned to the van and drove off.

At around 8pm a large van with Severn Trent workforce arrived and the leak was eventually stopped. I was asked to try my water supply and stated that the water pressure was less than before the leak.

My stop tap was examined and it was decided that possible debris could be in the filter at my water meter.

I was given a card and told to report this and someone would visit to determine the cause.

As this was now 10pm I was to call the next day.

I rang and was assured that someone would come that day. They didn’t.

Amey have not been back so seven street lights have so far taken approximately 10 weeks and the work is still not complete.

Is common sense being eradicated from our psyche? Is this really the way forward? Should we complain, complain, complain or just give up?

Yours truly ‘under pressure’