Shorter arm of the law

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THE full extent of police job cuts is revealed today and it makes sobering reading.

South Yorkshire Police will cut 1,010 jobs by 2015 as it bids to meet the demands of the spending review and save £43 million.

Whichever you cut it, that is a lot of jobs.

It will be a difficult act to balance the need to save and the need to police effectively. To the force’s credit, it earns praise for making good progress in its efforts to hit the spending target.

Now we must trust those in charge to manage the resources which remain to keep a frontline police presence which reassures the public it is safe and deters the criminals from offending.

Council should park these fines

THE sense of fury felt by charity runners who were given parking tickets while raising funds in the Weston Park run is entirely justifiable.

While they were showing generosity, parking wardens were dishing out fines for those who had strayed.

But it’s not necessarily the wardens’ fault. They need instruction to show some leniency during an event such as a charity run.

And that means Sheffield Council giving better information to its parking enforcers. The council has a timetable of events and can exercise its judgement.

Those who park illegally to avoid paying a parking charge at a sporting or music event know the risk they are taking.

But to punish a runner who wants to park near the location of a charitable event they are running in seems mean-spirited.

A sense of duty

WE know we can rely on our servicemen and women to stand up for the nation.

Their sense of duty runs deep and it is this quality which has made a kind-hearted Royal Marine come to the aid of a city pensioner.

Lance Corporal Tom Newsome has offered to tidy the allotment after reading in The Star how the plot could be taken from Denis Baxter because it was in such a state.

No doubt many of us sympathised with Mr Baxter. He’s 82 and unable to maintain his allotment after suffering from a heart attack and pneumonia

But only the lance corporal decided to do something about it. That is what marks out those who serve their country and explains why we must always back them.