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NEARLY five per cent of the city’s population are in receipt of Jobseeker’s Allowance, amounting to around 17,000 people.

And for many, the prospects of finding work seem ever more remote.

The longer they are out of work, the harder it seems to be to find that elusive job and the feeling they are less employable.

Which is why today The Star has teamed up with Action 4 Employment to put people in the shop window for potential employers.

The people we are highlighting are those who want to work. They have skills, they have experience and they have enthusiasm. But they don’t have that lucky break.

We appreciate that the labour market is tough and jobs are hard to come by. So we are not expecting to see a magic wand waved and the people we highlight immediately offered work.

But sometimes a CV does not tell the whole story for a potential job applicant.

During the next 12 months we will keep on our books 10 people who want to find work. Each time a candidate is successful we will identify another job hopeful.

There will be businesses looking to recruit people and we hope that through our campaign we will help them to fill their vacancies with the right people.

Pie and Peas Up for hospice appeal

READERS of The Star have helped to give our St Luke’s Hospice appeal a great start to a £100,000 target.

Today we are launching the second phase of our campaign, by trying to galvanise the city behind our Great Pie and Peas Up.

All we want readers to do is to get their families, mates and work colleagues to have a great night in - with a plate of pie and peas.

Hold a street party, an event inside a village hall or community centre, a workplace lunch event or just invite your mates around.

Get involved, help lift some of the gloom of the start of the year by starting to organise your own event and let’s make this a great Pie and Peas Up success.

Hail the Blue Loop

ONCE badly polluted, the waterways along the Don and canal are now a home to wildlife and it’s thanks to a team of volunteers who every week go out and clean up the river banks.

Now their work has been recognised by the Canal and River Trust.

We all owe them a debt of gratitude for caring for a treasured area.