Shocked couple witnessed masked gunman carry out Derek Dooley Way murder

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, who was killed in a shooting incident in Sheffield in December
Jordan Thomas, aged 22, who was killed in a shooting incident in Sheffield in December
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A shocked couple have described seeing a masked gunman carry out a murder on Derek Dooley Way in Sheffield.

The couple’s car was just metres away when the shooter carried out a fatal attack on December 21 last year, killing 22-year-old Jordan Thomas and injuring his friend Neshaun Ferguson.

The scene of the killing on Derek Dooley Way

The scene of the killing on Derek Dooley Way

Evidence from Trevor and Lynne Elvin was read to Sheffield Crown Court yesterday, where Jama Ahmed and Asif Yousaf are on trial for murder.

Mr Elvin had picked up Mrs Elvin from a night out in Sheffield city centre and they were returning home when they stopped at traffic lights on Derek Dooley Way at 10.15pm, behind both the Ford Mondeo carrying Mr Thomas and Mr Ferguson and a Mitsubishi Shogun carrying the gunman.


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Mr Elvin said he saw a man get out of the Shogun and go towards the Mondeo and thinking it was either people planning to discuss directions with the car in front or ‘some kind of road rage incident’, he drove his vehicle into the next lane so he would not be held up when the lights changed.

Mrs Elvin said the man, who was wearing a balaclava, had walked ‘casually’ up to the other car’s passenger side.

She said she then saw he had a gun in his hand.

“I think he fired it three times. I said to my husband ‘I can’t believe that, he has just shot him’,” she said.

Mr Elvin said the Shogun reversed at speed and turned right towards the city centre.

Evidence was also read to the court from Nicholas Glover, who was walking his dog in Ponderosa park when he saw the Shogun being abandoned a few minutes later.

He said he was the car turn into the park and head towards some woods.

He said: “I assumed they had stolen the car and were going to dump it. As the car went behind the woods, I heard the sounds of car doors slamming. I saw three figures coming out the darkness and running. All three were in dark clothing and dark hoods which were pulled up.”

He said around 15 minutes later, he saw a single figure running towards the abandoned vehicle as police started to arrive.

Ahmed, 26, of Broomhall Place, and Yousaf, 33, of Violet Bank Road, both deny murdering Jordan Thomas and attempting to murder Neshaun Ferguson.

Yousaf’s parents, Mohammed Yousaf, 61, and Tazeem Bi, 57, also of Violet Bank Road, both deny attempting to pervert the course of justice.


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