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I feel that I must respond to Councillor Leigh Bramall’s statement that Sheffield Council do not make a profit from Permit Parking Zones (PPZs), as reported in the Star, November 20, 2014.

His comments are the latest in a long series of misleading statements that Coun Bramall has made on this in the past three years.

According to figures provided by the council themselves, the operating cost of Permit Zones during the 2013/14 financial year was £1,257,000. During the same period, total pay-and-display income was £1,324,000 and revenue from fines on illegally parked vehicles was £625,000, giving a gross income of £1,949,000, excluding earnings from permits.

Deducting operating costs from this total, results in a net profit of £692,000, before revenue from resident and other permits is taken into consideration.

The £424,000 income from residents and other parking permits provides an additional subsidy to the council’s already substantial profit margin, boosting the council’s net profit from parking zones, to £1,116,000.

When this figure is added to the profit generated to the profit the council makes from city centre on-street parking and car parks managed by the council, Sheffield Council’s Parking Services generated a profit, after deducting operating costs, of £3,880,000.

SfPF believe that the 260 per cent increase in the cost of residents permits and the 400 per cent increase in the cost of visitors permits, imposed on us since 2011 by the council were illegal, following a recent High Court ruling against the London Borough of Barnet and we intend to take the council to court over this matter.

SFPF have set up a fighting fund to raise money to pay the legal costs of taking the council to court.

Email us at and we will send you details of how you can donate to our fighting fund.

Michael Marsh

Chair, Sheffielders for Parking Fairness (SfPF)