Sheffield tenant in ‘third world’ leaking sewage squalor

Kieran Spencer with the sewage leak in his bathroom from the flat above.
Kieran Spencer with the sewage leak in his bathroom from the flat above.
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A disabled man says he is being forced to live in ‘Third World’ conditions in Sheffield – because a sewage leak remains unfixed after three months.

Kieran Spencer, who lives off Blackstock Road, Gleadless Valley, says he reported a leak coming through his bathroom ceiling from the flat above in July.

Mr Spencer initially throught the leak was from the water system.

However, he was horrified when a building inspector visited a fortnight later and told him it was from the sewage pipe.

The 29-year-old, who is on disability benefits and lives alone at the Sheffield Council flat, said: “The inspector seemed disgusted.

“Every time someone in the flat above goes to the toilet and flushes, more sewage drips onto my ceiling. It’s a shambles and it feels as if I am being forced to live in a Third World country.”

Mr Spencer, who has contacted a solicitor to ask if there is any legal action he can take against the council, said the inspector had told him the leak would be fixed ‘as soon as possible’ and his ceiling would then be re-skimmed with a layer of fresh plaster.

Mr Spencer said: “But I’m still waiting and, to make matters worse, the neighbours downstairs say there is now a leak from my flat into theirs.

“It seems the whole block is in a state, but I’m still waiting for someone to resolve the problem.

His woes have been compounded by a further leak to the hot water supply.

However, the council said an attempt had been made to fix the sewage leak in September.

And it said it had not received a further complaint about the issue – although officials acknowledged subsequent calls had been received from Mr Spencer about maintenance.

Jason Siddall, maintenance partnership unit manager at the council’s housing service, said: “We are sorry Mr Spencer has had to deal with other unrelated repairs to his flat over the last few weeks.

“Our priority is to deal with these promptly to prevent further damage and inconvenience.

“We are working with him to ensure all repairs are completed quickly.”