Sheffield tenant faces court over cats and bad behviour

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A WOMAN whose son was jailed for breaching an anti-social behaviour order has appeared in court herself for breaking tenancy conditions.

Pauline Acton, of Hucklow Road, Firth Park, was accused of anti-social behaviour, keeping cats in her flat against her tenancy agreement, and allowing her home to get into an unhygienic state.

Part of the case at Sheffield County Court related to noisy and unpleasant arguments between Acton, aged 59, and her son Philip Proverbs.

Proverbs, 38, was jailed for 12 weeks last month, for breaching an injunction banning him from going to Hucklow Road and Acton’s flat.

Sheffield County Court heard neighbours had complained that Acton’s cats were allowed to urinate and defecate in the flat without it being cleaned up.

The result was ‘a strong and unpleasant smell that permeated into communal areas and other flats’, lawyers for Sheffield Homes said.

Housing officers’ attempts to get Acton to re-home the cats and clean up her property were ignored.

In court, Acton admitted her son’s behaviour had on occasion meant she breached her tenancy agreement and she accepted a court could order her to rehome the cats.

The court issued a Suspended Possession Order, which allows Acton to stay in the property providing she re-homes the cats by January 21.

She also must not allow Proverbs to her flat or the Hucklow Road area, and has been told to behave ‘appropriately’ towards neighbours and Sheffield Homes staff.

The Order runs until September, 2014 – the period covered by her son’s injunction.

Dean Butterworth, Sheffield Homes assistant director, said: “Mrs Acton had every opportunity to address our concerns and abide by her tenancy conditions, but failed to do so. Where appropriate, we won’t hesitate to take strong legal action against tenants who breach their tenancy conditions.”

Proverbs was jailed for repeated anti-social behaviour including noise nuisance and using offensive language, after breaching a court injunction.