Sheffield teenager sent home from school for purple hair

Joel Nutcher-Palmer with his purple hair
Joel Nutcher-Palmer with his purple hair
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A mum who dyed her son’s hair purple while ‘playing around’ has crriticised his school’s decision to send him home.

Madeleine Palmer, of Parson Cross, Sheffield, did not know unnatural hair colours were banned at Ecclesfield School when she streaked her 16-year-old son Joel Nutcher-Palmer’s hair.

Joel Nutcher-Palmer with his bleached hair

Joel Nutcher-Palmer with his bleached hair

She said: “My hair is every colour under the sun, so we were just having a bit of a play around.”

Now she has had to bleach his hair to get him back into classes.

Joel, who suffers from autism spectrum disorder, is studying for his GCSEs.

Madeleine said: “Sending him home is unnecessary. He’s already having problems with his learning abilities. The more days he has off the further behind he’s going to fall.

“I do tend to follow the rules but I don’t think your hair has anything to do with your ability to learn.

“He wears his school uniforms and he’s always dressed the way he should be.

“It is infringing on his individuality. We’re both alternative, we go to rock concerts and I have piercings and tattoos.

“We had to go to Meadowhall and buy bleach so I could do his hair.”

Madeleine, who is allergic to the chemical PPD commonly found in dark hair dyes, said: “I couldn’t dye his hair back to his natural brown colour without damaging myself.”

She had to used the bleach so Joel was able to return to school as a blond.

Ecclesfield School said it had ‘no comment to make’.