Sheffield steelworker sued firm over hearing loss

Josh Swalwell has escaped jail
Josh Swalwell has escaped jail
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A Sheffield steel worker who suffered hearing loss after working in a noisy plant has been compensated for his suffering.

Michael McHale, aged 65, suffered hearing damage while working in British Steel’s Spring Shop on Shepcote Lane, Tinsley, for nine years in the 1970s.

He operated machines to manufacture metal springs but never wore ear protection.

The father-of-four, from Netheredge, instructed workplace illness lawyers at Sheffield law firm Irwin Mitchell to investigate his condition and medical evidence revealed that his hearing deteriorated because of the noise he was exposed to.

He sued British Steel and was awarded a four figure out-of-court settlement, although the firm denied liability.

Sarah Tagg, who represented Mr McHale, said: “Noise-induced hearing loss is a very serious problem for those affected by it. It is extremely easy to avoid for employers but we regularly come across cases like this, where workers spend long periods of time in an excessively noisy environment without the correct hearing protection.

Mr McHale added: “I’m angry that more wasn’t done to warn us of the dangers of exposure and more wasn’t done to protect us.