Sheffield solicitor argues for change to divorce law

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Leading Sheffield family law expert Angela Lally has welcomed a suggestion that divorce could be taken out of the hands of judges and the court system.

Sir James Munby, head of the Family Court, has said consideration should be given to the process of divorce being dealt with by a registrar of births, deaths, marriages and divorce rather than by judges, and for there to be an introduction of ‘no-fault’ divorce.

“If there is a change to how divorce is dealt with and it is no longer a matter for the courts, this may make the process more accessible for couples who wish to deal with it themselves without having legal representation,” said Angela, Head of Family Law at Sheffield’s Quality Solicitors SSB.

“With changes to legal aid meaning financial support is no longer available for the majority of family law matters, making the process easier may be a welcome change.”

Angela added if divorce was to be made possible on a no fault basis, the process may become less acrimonious.

“Even if the couple part on good terms, receiving a petition from the court where their ex-partner is making allegations about their behaviour may sour an otherwise amicable spit,” she said.