Sheffield skip hire firm director disqualified

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A Sheffield skip hire director has been disqualified from operating vehicles for safety failings.

Traffic Commissioner Kevin Rooney said Stephen Curran’s company, Rother Skip Hire Ltd, of Yarra Business Park, Station Road, Ecclesfield, lacked even the most basic vehicle maintenance procedures at the conclusion of a public inquiry in Leeds.

The north east haulage industry regulator also revoked Rother Skip Hire Ltd’s operating licence.

During the inquiry, which Mr Curran failed to attend, Mr Rooney heard that a vehicle was found with a safety critical defect, routine safety inspections had not been carried out on time and drivers were not carrying out daily defect checks on vehicles.

A vehicle examiner from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency said the person responsible for vehicle maintenance had no understanding of how to run a maintenance system.

When one of the firm’s vehicles was stopped in July 2013, an inspector found three out of 10 wheel nuts were loose, along with other defects.

He reported the washers and nuts could be turned by hand and that the wheel nut markers fitted were splayed.

After interviewing the driver, the examiner concluded the company had no procedures in place for drivers to check vehicles before using them and employees had not been told how to do this.

Routine safety inspections – which all operators are required to undertake – should have been done every six weeks by the company. But the Traffic Commissioner heard that some vehicles had gone for six months without a safety check.

Inspection records were also incomplete, the public inquiry heard.