Sheffield Royal Engineer leading work to fight ebola

Major Nick Francis, from Sheffield.
Major Nick Francis, from Sheffield.
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An Army officer from Sheffield has deployed to Sierra Leone as part of an operation to combat the spread of killer disease ebola.

Major Nick Francis is the commander of a specialist team of Royal Engineers, responsible for the design and construction of three large ebola treatment units at locations across the West African country.

Working with the British government’s Department for International Development and humanitarian aid agencies, Major Francis is supervising the work of more than 1,000 local workers to build the centre in a bid to stem the spread of ebola.

He said: “It’s clear Sierra Leone is prospering and developing rapidly.

“It is also clear that to stem the outbreak of this disease is vital to ensuring the country is not derailed from the excellent progress made since the end of the civil war in 2002.”

Previously, Major Francis has been to Iraq and Afghanistan on operations and helped with UK’s response to the flooding crisis seen last winter.

Outside the Army, Major Francis has a wife, Rebecca and two daughters.

He enjoys walking the dog and spending time with his family and friends.