Sheffield revamp plans come under fire

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Contractors working on a multi-million pound revamp of Sheffield’s roads and pavements have reassured residents public money is not being wasted due to bad planning.

Sheffield Council and Amey, which is carrying out the city-wide Streets Ahead programme, came under fire after The Star exposed how a newly-surfaced street was dug up less than a week after completion.

Residents of Farlow Croft in High Green were baffled when workmen dug up the finished pavement to fit a new street light just three days later.

The council said the incident was a one-off, but the story sparked concerns over the planning behind the project after receiving schedules for work to be carried out in their area.

One example was a schedule of work sent out to residents of Parson Cross, where pavement and kerb improvements are due to end in early September, with upgrades to street lighting starting later that month.

Kevin Donohoe, aged 61, of Northlands Road, said: “The leaflet shows that the pavements are to be done first, then, lastly, street lighting, meaning that again pavements will be dug up after being relaid.

“This is complete stupidity.”

John Baxter, of Whirlowdale, said: “Sometimes this kind of thing cannot be helped, but most frequently it will just be a case of inadequate planning and inattention to detail in work scheduling.”

Contractors have assured the public that pavements will only be brought up to a ‘basic standard’ before new street lights are fitted, then finished off once they have been put in place.

A spokeswoman for contractor Amey said: “We sometimes try to do street lights first but, with a programme of this size, it is not always possible.

“We work with cables underground and it is not always possible to know what is under there until we start work.”