Sheffield restored

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Regarding a letter from Jean W, S10, in Friday’s Star, I can confirm that the suburbs also suffered during the blitz.

A bomb dropped on the road outside our house causing much damage, but we were all safe in the cellar. Another bomb in the next road was a direct hit on an air raid shelter, so all were killed.

The next day, everyone helped each other in gathering items from the damaged houses and giving us shelter.

Transport came to a halt so people walked everywhere and still went to work. I was 14 years old and due to start work at the GPO, Fitzalan Square, so I saw all the terrible devastation, both in the suburbs and city.

We lived in Norton Lees, sadly my dear brother lost his life, he was in the army, so my parents like so many others, suffered a great deal.

It is true to say that, in the face of adversity, you either give in or pull together and carry on!

Now in my 90th year I marvel at how Sheffield was restored to become this great city of today.

Marjorie Hinkler