Sheffield records hottest July day ever but it is a cool month overall

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Sheffield may have seen below average sunshine last month but the city did record the hottest July day ever.

The highest maximum temperature on record for July 2015 was 32.7C on July 1.

The highest temperature previously on record was 31.8C in 1943.

The month started out very warm but quickly turned cooler with only 188.1 hours of sunshine recorded. This is a little down on the average of 195 hours in previous years.

The mean temperature for July was 16.3C. This is slightly lower than the average of 16.6C, and also colder than the last two years. In 2013 the temperature was a mean of 18.7C and last year’s average was 18.1C.

The city has also seen the lowest July minimum temperature in over a decade – a chilly 7.4C.

This is the lowest temperature since 2001, which was 6.3C, with the lowest July temperature on record being 3.5C.

The rainfall recorded for the month was 35.7mm, which is below the national average of 51mm, but more than last year’s 30.1mm.