Sheffield pool ready to make a splash again after revamp

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A SHEFFIELD swimming pool reopens today after a 12- week refurbishment – which saved it from closure.

Public swimming, lessons and other sessions are starting again at King Edward’s pool on Clarkehouse Road, Broomhill.

A £440,000 programme to upgrade the building and equipment is being completed, but the community trust that runs the pool will keep fundraising so more decoration can be carried out.

The trust took over the pool 20 years ago when the council said it could no longer afford to keep it going.

After years of trying to find the money for improvements, a financial package was put together for asbestos removal and installation of a new roof, boiler, air handling unit and electrics.

Work will reduce energy costs by 62 per cent and also cut the cost of repairs and maintenance, which will turn the community enterprise into a profitable business after making a minor loss.

“It has been an intensive and essential programme to put the mechanics in place so the pool is on a sustainable basis for the next 25 years,” said John Cawthorne, who chairs the trust.

“The main work has been done in such a short period of time – after getting the money together is such difficult times. There wasn’t sufficient money nor time to do certain significant redecoration and cosmetic work, but we expect to be able to do this in the next year or so.

“However, we’re glad to be back in business and to be able to welcome back customers and we thank them for their forbearance over the last 12 weeks.”