Sheffield pensioner shocked by huge bill for mobile phone

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It was a nightmare scenario for Jean Coleman who pays just £8-a-month for her mobile phone – a £159 bill for just one call.

For more than a year-and-a-half she paid Talk Mobile for the device, which she keeps for emergencies and never uses.

She was shocked when her bill landed showing a two-hour call to a mobile phone. Jean, aged 83, of Charnock Crescent, Charnock, made strenuous efforts to persuade Talk Mobile that it was nothing to do with her. But Talk Mobile sent letters demanding payment.

Jean, who has a heart condition, said: “I’m bewildered and very upset and worried. I rang the number on the bill several times but it was disconnected. I have no idea what’s happened can you help.”


We called Talk Mobile, which is part of Carphone Warehouse. The next day Jean rang back: “They’ve cancelled the charge. I feel like having a double whisky! Although I can’t because of my heart.

“They said it was an error, but they don’t know how it happened and whether my phone had been hacked. But they did apologise profusely.”