Sheffield pensioner busted for fly-tipping by dumped letters

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A Mosborough pensioner who claimed he could dispose of waste has been fined £1,000 after letters he dumped led to him being caught for fly-tipping.

Robert Dillon, 70, of Bridle Stile Close, appeared before Sheffield Magistrates Court on Friday, charged with one count of allowing waste to escape his control.

The case against him began after a pile of waste was seen in Sheffield by a member of the public, who reported it to the council.

An enforcement officer went to the scene and found some letters among the waste.

Investigations at the address showed the person had moved out, but officers followed the trail to the new address.

The resident there explained that they had given their waste to someone who was advertising on a Facebook group, who promised to collect it and dispose of it correctly.

The trail then led officers to Dillon, who denied the offence but, in court, the magistrates found him guilty.

The court also heard of four previous convictions relating to similar offences in Sheffield and North East Derbyshire.

Magistrates fined him £120 for the offence, and he was ordered to pay £431.25 compensation for the clean-up costs.

A further £425 in costs was awarded to Sheffield City Council, giving a total of £976.25.

Coun Terry Fox said: “Cases such as this demonstrate that we can, and do, take incidents of fly-tipping very seriously. It is particularly pleasing when these prosecutions result in large fines by the courts, which will hopefully deter those thinking of dumping waste in Sheffield.

“Fly-tipping is by no means a victimless crime. It is a blight on our city’s beautiful landscape, and also costs the authority an awful lot of money to clean it up and dispose of it carefully – money that could be spent on essential services.”

To report fly-tipping, or for information on how to dispose of waste responsibly, visit or call 0114 2037410.