Sheffield mum’s ‘unpaid slave’ slur

David Rooke grabs Craig Kinsella around the neck
David Rooke grabs Craig Kinsella around the neck
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A Sheffield mum jailed for beating a vulnerable man who her family forced to work 15 hours a day has been slammed for describing herself as an ‘unpaid slave’ online.

Donna Rooke, husband David and son Jamie were locked up for ‘enslaving’ Craig Kinsella in the garage of their home on Halifax Road, Parson Cross.

CCTV footage played to Sheffield Crown Court showed 34-year-old Mr Kinsella, who has learning difficulties, being attacked by the family in their garden.

An outraged reader spoke out after he saw the occupation on a Facebook profile believed to belong to Donna Rookes, aged 40, listed as ‘unpaid slave’.

The profile also says Donna is married, lives in Sheffield and links to a Jamie Rooke’s account as her son.

Donna was sentenced to four months behind bars after admitting a specimen count of battery.

The 25-year-old Shiregreen reader said: “She shouldn’t be putting things like that on there.

“This family have enslaved somebody and she is mocking them, that’s how everybody has taken it. It is disgusting.”

David Rooke, 44, was jailed for six-and-a-half years for false imprisonment and causing actual bodily harm.

Jamie Rooke, 19, was jailed for four years for affray and four counts of causing actual bodily harm.

Hillsborough and Brightside MP David Blunkett, whose constituency covers the area, said: “Nothing should surprise me after so many years in public life but this in our area really did take me aback.

“I’m just relieved that the police did such a good job and those responsible have been dealt with.

“But it does mean that we’ve all got to be incredibly vigilant about what is happening around us and I know that the shock that local people feel will create that kind of alertness.

“I sincerely believe without being complacent that this is a horrifying one-off. I hope I’m proved to be right.”

Vandals have struck twice at the Rooke family home, smashing windows and setting the garage on fire.

* An anti-slavery charity has urged people to raise the alarm if they suspect someone is being ill-treated.

Ann Craft Trust chief executive Deborah Kitson said Craig’s case was not ‘an isolated incident’.

“We are seeing more and more reports of disability hate crime and individuals taking advantage of vulnerable people for their own entertainment and selfish needs.

“ACT has seen a rise in people reporting disability hate crime, but, they can feel powerless to prevent the abuse”

Isolated people with learning difficulties were an easy target for others to ‘befriend’, she said.

“They then go on to abuse them in sickening ways.”