Sheffield mum died after row with police

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A Sheffield mum who fell during an altercation with police was found dead at home the next day.

Diane Botham, aged 61, died at her home on Southey Green Road, Southey Green, following the row with South Yorkshire Police officers in August 2012, an inquest into her death heard.

Police had been called to an incident at a neighbouring property when Mrs Botham became involved and fell to the ground.

The inquest was resumed by assistant deputy coroner Julian Fox yesterday, before a jury at Sheffield Crown Court,

He said Mrs Botham was married and lived with her family.

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The inquest heard police were called to a domestic incident involving a mother and daughter at a house in Southey Green Road, on the afternoon of Friday, August 10, 2012.

While officers were at the property, Mrs Botham, who lived a short distance away, arrived, but was told to leave the scene.

Mr Fox said: “The police officers told her that her presence wasn’t required and an exchange took place between her and one or two members of the police force, during which she received a push and fell to the ground.

“Mrs Botham’s son arrived to collect her and walked away with her from the scene.”

The court heard Mrs Botham had been drinking throughout the day.

She spent the rest of the day on the sofa in her living room, remaining there until the last member of her family went to bed at 2am.

Mrs Botham was found dead on the sofa shortly before 8am the next day by Shane Checkley, her daughter’s partner.

Pathologist Dr Julian Burton performed a post-mortem examination on Mrs Botham’s body.

He gave the cause of death as a subdural hematoma – a bleed between her skull and brain – and cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism and a hepatitis C infection.

Dr Burton said the bleeding was consistent with her having a fall within 24 hours before her death.

The inquest heard Mrs Botham had a ‘history of substance and alcohol misuse’.

A toxicology report found she had a high amount of alcohol in her body before her death and a small amount of methadone.

Ibuprofen was also found in her system which she had taken after complaining of a headache.

The inquest continues.