Sheffield MPs speak out on human rights

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SHEFFIELD Central MP Paul Blomfield spoke about the rights of people in Kashmir to self-determination at a seminar on human rights at Sheffield Town Hall.

The event, held to commemorate International Human Rights Day, was chaired by Sheffield Central Labour Coun Mohammad Maroof and speakers also included Sheffield South East MP Clive Betts and Euro MP Linda McAvan.

Mr Blomfield referred to the long denial of self-determination to the people of Jummu and Kashmir, whose land is occupied by Pakistan and India in a long-running border dispute.

He said international pressure is very important for a resolution in Kashmir and referred to the great tradition Sheffield has had in strengthening the solidarity movement of oppressed people.

Mr Blomfield said it was unjust no practical measures have been taken and said the solution to the Kashmir problem is to ascertain the aspirations of the people of Jummu and Kashmir.

Sheffield South East MP Clive Betts said if Britain can allow the people of Scotland a vote on their right of self-determination, the Kashmiris should have the right to decide their future through a referendum too.

He believes the international community should help in this process.

MEP Linda McAvan said India and Pakistan must have a dialogue to find out the route to conflict resolution in Kashmir.