Sheffield MP receives petition opposing ‘gaging bill’

Paul Blomfield
Paul Blomfield
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Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield has pledged his opposition to the Government’s new Lobbying Bill - after receiving a petition from campaigners containing over 190,000 names.

Mr Blomfield met members of the 38 Degrees group who are opposed to provisions which they say will prevent charities and campaign groups from speaking out on important issues.

The bill comes before Parliament this week and Mr Blomfield is challenging the Liberal Democrats over their support for the legislation.

The petition says the bill poses an ‘unacceptable threat to democracy and freedom of speech’.

Sheffield 38 Degrees member Ian Enters said: “The bill was ostensibly framed to prevent undue interference in political elections but in fact threatens the freedom of our people to express our opinions.”

Mr Blomfield said: “The bill fails to tackle the real lobbying abuses and the problem of big money in politics.”