Sheffield MP hits out at changes to dog laws

Sheffield MP Clive Betts.
Sheffield MP Clive Betts.
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Sheffield MP Clive Betts has called plans to axe dog control orders in Sheffield ‘barking mad’.

The Labour MP said proposals to bring in new ‘public spaces protection orders’ to cover anti-social behaviour, including dropping litter, has watered down legislation covering dangerous dogs.

He said: “This Government is in real danger of both making a mess of the anti-social behaviour legislation and of missing some real opportunities to sort out some powers which are necessary to take action when people and communities are afraid.

“The latest example of this is that the coalition Government is planning to water down the powers to control dangerous dogs, despite a growing number of attacks.

“The Government is planning to axe dog control orders in England and replace them with a general ‘public spaces protection order’ which covers everything from crack houses to littering in parks.

“An all-party committee of MPs has criticised the move, warning that merging dog control with other anti-social behaviour powers will make the menace of aggressive behaviour by dogs less of a priority for councils and police.

“We need tougher laws to tackle dangerous dogs and the police need powers to deal with aggressive behaviour before it turns into a vicious attack.”