Sheffield ‘Manor boys’ jailed for robbing security guard

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A ROBBER stabbed his partner in crime in the neck just hours after the pair carried out a joint attack on a Sheffield security guard, a court heard.

Jason Luke Windle, aged 35, and Mark Andrew Clark, 20, took part in an alcohol-fuelled assault on the Medusa Security Services guard on a building site on the Manor estate, early on January 14.

The pair punched the victim about the head and threatened to stab him, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

They said ‘this is what happens to security guards who come and work on the Manor, we are the Manor boys.’

Then they made off with a £490 worth of electrical equipment, including a laptop and mobile phone, from the security cabin where he worked.

Both men returned to a house party on Manor Road, where they had been drinking before the robbery. There they bickered about who got to keep the stolen goods.

The owners of the house threw them out, after which Windle turned on his friend with a knife taken from the kitchen of the house.

Anthony Dunne, prosecuting, said: “Clark said he was walking towards Seaton Crescent with Windle, he could not remember a lot but recalled seeing Windle’s right arm coming towards the front of his body with a shiny object in his hand.

“He struck him to the left of his Adam’s apple with the object. Clark felt air and blood coming out of the wound.”

Clark staggered back to the party, where they helped stop the bleeding and called an ambulance. He suffered a punctured windpipe but made a full recovery.

Mr Dunne said: “The proprietors of the house discovered a knife was missing, but it is impossible to say whether they had one with them at the time of the robbery as the victim never saw it.”

Clark and Windle were arrested just days after the incident.

Clark had said he was coerced into carrying out the robbery, which Windle refuted.

Judge Roger Keen QC said: “What you both did was attack a security guard working the night shift, not only physically but one of you made threats.

“At one stage you said he was going to be stabbed and then you engaged in an act of bravado by telling him you were the ‘Manor boys’.

“You showed no remorse and no mercy.”

Clark, of Birchwood Grove, Westfield, Sheffield pleaded guilty to robbery at his first appearance before Sheffield magistrates in April. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

Windle, of, Harborough Avenue, Manor, Sheffield had originally denied his part in the robbery but eventually pleaded guilty to the charge and unlawful wounding.

He was given an indeterminate prison sentence on the grounds he is a danger to the public.